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Lekker Chiropractic is a member of the General Chiropractic Council as a commitment to exceptional practice standards.

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Service and Fees

All the services I provide here at Lekker Chiropractic are individually tailored to each patient and their disorder, with the aim to answer three diagnostic questions:


Q1. Do the presenting symptoms reflect a visceral disorder, or a serious or potentially life-threatening disease?
This question is very important as it is looking for red-flag symptoms for your pain or discomfort. This may be from an organ, such as the heart or liver, or due to something like, cancer, cauda equine syndrome, or stroke. If I discover any red-flag symptoms, I may be required to refer you to your GP or to A&E.

Q2. Where is the pain coming from?
If I am happy that there are no red-flags, the second question then tries to distinguish what structure, or structures, such as joint, nerve, soft-tissue, or nerve, may be producing your pain and discomfort.

Q3. What is happening with this person as a whole that would cause their pain experience to develop and persist?
With the last question, I am trying to figure out what were the factors that produced, or caused, your disorder (not always easy!). For example, was it due to a sports injury, a road traffic collision, lifestyle choices, or possibly a combination of these factors (most common)?


Once I have the answers to these questions, I can design a treatment protocol tailored to you and your disorder to maximise our chances of success.

Your treatment protocol may include some or all of the following; Spinal and/or extremity adjustments, Soft tissue manipulation, Rehabilitation exercises and stretches, Postural syndrome assessment and education, Lifestyle and Ergonomic advice and Proactive care.

Initial Consultation

This is for all new patients and comprises a comprehensive case history and clinical examination to establish a diagnosis, with a full discussion of my findings and the requirements for your treatment. The first treatment is also included in this price, if clinically safe and suitable for your care.


Follow-up Treatment

All my treatment services and documents (GP letters and reports) for your care are included in this fee. Discounted packages are available and will be discussed in the report of findings at your initial consultation.


Junior Treatment

Prices are reduced to give our Lekker Kids the best start in life, without the added pressure on parents.


Reactivation Consultation

I will need an extended appointment with you when re-examination is required, such as when you have not been to the clinic in over 12 months, or if you have a new injury and treatment protocols need to be re-evaluated.


** Pensioner & Blue Light Discount **
Pensioners and blue light workers receive an automatic 20% discount off Follow-up treatments.

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